Cheque Cashing

Cashing your Cheques

The Cheque Shop offers a quick and convenient way to cash a cheque without the inconvenience of waiting for your bank to process the payment. Our cheque cashing service gives you access to your cash within minutes, giving you more control.


Our service also offers a great cash flow solution to small business and individual traders alike. We have also developed strong working relationships with all the leading scrap metal yards with the Tyne & Wear area, giving us the ability to give a fast and reliable service to fit in with their customers needs.

How It Works

If it’s your 1st transaction, visit our shop with your cheque and ID. Your ID will need to include 1 form of photographic ID such as a passport or drivers licence along with a recently dated utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill dated within the last 8 weeks. We will process your account within minutes prior to paying you in cash minus a small processing fee, the fee will depend on the value of the cheque and who has given you the cheque.


Our fast and friendly service allows you to access your cash within minutes without waiting for the bank clearance period.


Minimum age 18 – Identification required.